Sunday, 27 April 2014


It was my last day in HK & I was out having lunch. Feeling bored, I decided to turn on the Gay app in my phone to check out the blokes. This particular one stood out.

As his self-intro on the profile sounded quite arrogant, this Slut decided to pass on. It was a pity, I thought to myself, I kinda liked his looks. He resembled a beefier version of Hollywood actor, James Franco. But if you are a self-absorbed prick, you're not getting any attention from this Slut!

So when my lunch arrived, I quickly forgot about Franco look-alike. Halfway through wolfing down my lunch, there was a message on my phone. As luck would have it, it was from the stud. Out of curiosity, I replied & it set off a string of flirty sextexts. I found out that he lives very near the hotel where I was staying & that he is an Italian working in HK. Ooh, I have never had an Italian sausage before! I thought to myself excitedly. He seemed quite genuine in wanting to meet, so I suggested that we trade more pics. These were what he sent me:

Mmm....Mmmm! I'm definitely loving what I'm seeing right now. I was so turned on by that sexy pose of him in bed & that Cock! Wow, wow, WOW!!! It looked to be at least 8 inches from the pic & I knew it was undeniably the perfect fuck tool for my tight hole. The base of the cock was thick & it tapers up to what looked like a cute pinkish head. I remarked that he was very hung & he assured me it wasn't that big. It was because of the camera angle. Nonetheless, this experienced Slut could tell that he can't be too far off the radar & I really need to devour him! He, on the other hand, was also extremely keen after he saw my naughty pics. So, it was arranged that he would come up to my hotel at 3pm.

3pm came & there was no sign of my Italian Stallion. Could I be played out? I wondered. This is not an uncommon scenario when it comes to online hook ups. I panicked for a bit & sent him a message. Fortunately his reply came in a while. He is still in the midst of working on something & requested to meet an hour later. With much suspicion, I agreed to it & since there was not much to do but wait, I slipped into a nap.

The next time I slipped back to conciousness, I realized that my phone was vibrating next to me. Groggily, I picked it up & it was Mr Italian. He informed me that he was already at the street level of my hotel & asked me which floor I was on. Shit, I am so unprepared for this. Within minutes, he was outside my room, decked out in white all over like a Prince Charming. When he smiled at me, something inside me turned into jelly. He had such a charismatic smile! OMG, I couldn't believe my good luck! I quickly invited him into the room.

Once the door was closed, he wasted no time. He swooped me into his big muscular arms & kissed me. He kissed with so much passion & I must say he's quite the expert when it comes to that. Sometimes it was just a light brush of his lips, sometimes he would draw me real close for a tight smooch but he was never sloppy & wet. Then he would move down to my neck & continue to plant kisses there, taking in my body scent as he did so. His actions were making me feeling special & very wanted. Needless to say, I was loving every moment of it. 

While we were kissing, our hands were not kept idle. We were frantically trying to strip each other. And soon, we were both completely bare in front of each other. It was at this point of time that I truly got to check out his package. He was right. His cock does look a tad smaller than the pic but the difference is slight, maybe off by 0.5 inches? It was still quite a sizeable one.

It was by far one of the most beautiful cocks that I've seen & instantly, I was on my knees savoring that hot Italian sausage. I gave it all my loving attention, making it quite clear that I was worshipping his ravishing penis. My Italian Stud sure knows what he wants & he made sure it was communicated to me. He loved his nipples played with & kept telling me to touch it. True enough, whenever my fingers circled his sensitive nipples, I could feel his girth expanding a little bit more in my mouth. So there I was, lost in the enjoyment of my Italian Stallion's dong.

I was still in the midst of salivating on Mr Italian's dick when I felt a tug. He pulled up to my feet & made me get on the bed in a doggie position. 
'You have such a cute butt.' He complimented. 
'Oh, haha.... Thank you!' I responded.
'You gave me an instant hard on when you showed me your naughty pics.' He went on to say.
'I love Asian butts like this, petite & perky. I just have to have you.' He rattled on.
'Oh yeah, take me! I'm all yours today.' I encouraged.

With that he got down & gave me a good rim, working on it for at least a good 10 minutes. He was so good at it that eventually I had to beg him to fuck me. He had gone soft a little bit & knowing what would make that piston iron-hard again, I attacked his nipples; twirling my tongue around it, biting it lightly & making loud smacking kisses. True enough, that got him all aroused & my Italian Stallion is now ready to fuck me.

As I turned myself around, I waited with much anticipation for the onslaught of the inevitable. I just hope that he would not ram his rod all the way in cos that would probably kill me (I'm exaggerating here). Fortunately, he chose to enter me in stages, probably fully aware of how much pain he could cause & I thank him for that. 

First, his mushroom head popped through my cherry hole & he used it to tease around the entrance. When he felt that I was ready to take more, he plunged in a little bit more & I could feel that about half of his cock is now inside me as he rocked me. He was making me feel so good & I was really enjoying the sensations he was giving me. Then without any notice, he suddenly thrusted all the way in. As I was caught off guard, I involuntarily gave a yelp as I felt his cock head hit my G-spot. It was literally a 'pain in the ass' moment & at the same time I felt my sphincter muscle being stretched open by his chunky cock base. He gave me a wicked smirk as I turned my head back to stare at him. Naughty!

He stayed in me for a while giving my ass time to adjust to his huge cock. We resumed kissing while he waited. Then with a pat on his muscled arms, I gave him the go ahead to rock me again. As he pumped away, this time slowly, I closed my eyes to enjoy the sensations that his superb man-meat is giving me. 

Next, he flipped me so that I was now on my back with my legs in the air. He got between my legs, entered me & fucked me missionary style. Because he is quite well-hung, I could feel every inch of his ramrod sliding in & out of my hole while he was thrusting me in this position. I was also able to tease his nipples & that got him pretty worked up. Within minutes,  He was pumping me like a stud & my ass muscles were now all relaxed & I could take his rough pounding.

'Oh....Oh yeah, love... the... way... you... feel... inside.. me now' I managed to say in between breaths as the Italian Stallion worked my sweet hole.
'' I pleaded.
'Continue to play with my nipples.' he commanded as he leaned forward to lock lips with me.
By the time our lips touched, I felt that I've gone to fuck heaven.

Then, he threw my legs onto his shoulders, grabbed my upper thighs & lifted my buttock off the mattress. He was now kneeling on the mattress, he hugged my legs real close to him so that he would still be inside me although my butt was off the mattress. 

'Your hole feels real tight now.' He informed me as he thrusted away.
'You like?' I enquired.
'Fuck, yeah' was the answer.

He then proceeded to push my butt higher up into the air so that my man-hole is now facing the ceiling. He stood up, towering over my butt hole, took a Sumo wrestler's Stance & inserted his fucker into my gaping hole once again. Then the ramming continued. It was an awkward position for me to be in cos I felt that my neck was gonna break. But for the enjoyment of my Italian Stud, I just had to grit my teeth & bear with it.

'I'm gonna cum! Where do you want me to shoot?' He questioned.
'On your face?'
'Sure, go ahead' I gave the approval.
And with that, he pulled himself out, straddled my face & gave me a sperm hosing down. He came lots & I was covered in cum all over my bod.

I couldn't help taking 1 last shot of that stunning cock before I let him go. 

I asked him if all Italians fuck passionately like him afterwards. His reply was, it would probably be the case cos Italians are passionate people. Ooh, Mamma Mia, Italia! I'm so going to Italy one day.

Sunday, 20 April 2014


The next stop of my Sauna haunt on HK Island was Gateway Sauna., This was a big improvement in terms of the facilities compared to the other 2 that I've visited. Everything looked spanking new so I guess it must have been recently renovated. But alas, in terms of the crowd, there weren't that many patrons once again. Maybe cos' I got there late (nearly 8pm)? Note to self, need to hit the saunas earlier next time!

The Resting/TV Area

Love the cute design of the Locker

As none of the guys caught my eyes, I decided to head for the shower. It was an open concept shower & across the showers were Jacuzzi pools, so you are basically displayed for all to see while you are bathing. I felt a few prying eyes from the Jacuzzi checking me out but it didn't bother me. After I'm done, I decided to head on to the Steam room that is just next to the showers. Shortly after, some guys from the Jacuzzi pool stepped into the Steam room as well. They tried to initiate fun with me but as most of them weren't really my type, I had to gently reject them. Fortunately, they were not pushy & I was left alone in the Steam room again.

I told myself that I would just enjoy the facilities if I didn't get to hook up with anyone. But as luck would have it, I spied a rather nicely shaped silhouette step into the Steam Room. He had a rather toned swimmer's type of bod. As I was standing quite near to the entrance of the Steam Room, he quickly spotted me & came over to stand beside me. We were both stark naked, so I took the chance to feel him up. He was really toned indeed as I could feel the ridges of his 6 pacs. He was also incredibly smooth. As we were both wet from the vapors in the room, I took the chance to hug him & grinded our wet bodies together. The friction of our sliding bodies soon got to him & he began to moan loudly. His limp dick also sprang into action & became a solid 6 incher. I quickly got down & choked myself silly with his Screwdriver.

As the heat in the room rose together with our hot actions, I had to stop to tell him that I needed a breather & stepped out of the Steam room. What I didn't expect was that he actually followed me out & we're both now standing in the shower area with our raging hard-ons on display for all to see. Swimmer Bod was obviously not done with me yet as he approached me, pushed down my head & demanded that I suck him there & then at the shower area. There were maybe about 4 or 5 spectators & they were all waiting for a good show to begin. So how could this Slut not fulfill the crowd's desires? 

I slowly parted my lips, approached Swimbod's tough rod & wrapped my kisser around it. Then the Slut's Sucking Show began. I created a sensual show of worshipping Swimbod's Fuck Stick. I kissed it, sucked it, slurped on it & twirled my tongue all around it. I gobbled up his big balls, burying my whole face into his sacs. Meanwhile, my hands were frantically roving round his ribbed bod, occasionally grabbing his well-developed pecs & sometimes my palms would be on his perky butt pushing him forward into my ravenous mouth. His ultra smooth bod was such a turn on to me & I couldn't stop touching him. I pulled out all the stops, making exagerated sounds & Swimbod contributed with his loud moans. 

Then just as suddenly as it started, Swimbod jammed the brakes on the show & announced he's had enough. I guess probably he wasn't ready to cum yet. So with that, we wrapped up the show & went our separate ways.

I still couldn't find anyone worthy to play with after the frisky episode with Swimbod & I bet it was the same for him too cos' half an hour later, he was again back by my side. This time he took my hands & led me to one of the open play rooms within the Sauna. Ah, so Swimbod likes to put on a show for others to see. But unfortunately, there wasn't much of a crowd now as most people have made their exit. Well, doesn't really bother this Slut. We did however, attract 1 or 2 spectators from time to time as we were making out in the open room. 

The Open Room without doors where we made out

Swimbod obviously liked to be sucked, so I got down to business & worked his prick until it was rock hard again. He returned the favor & we ended up in a 69 position. I was able to deep-throat him in this position & I gave him no mercy. I pumped his cock real hard, knocking his cock head against the walls of my throat. The banging impact was getting him closer & closer to the edge & then with a swift tug, he pulled his weiner out of my mouth, immediately spraying my face with his warm gooey spunk, shouting out a really loud 'Argh FucKKKK!!!' while he was at it.

Just before I left the Sauna for that night. I took this shot as a remembrance of the place.

Wall of Hunks & Porn playing on one of the TVs.

Saturday, 12 April 2014


After my 1st visit to a HK sauna that turned out to be quite happening, The Slut decided that he'll check out the other ones. So it was on to Central Escalator (CE) Sauna. This turned out to be yet another puny one. There were maybe less than 10 guys around when I reached, about 40% of them were Caucasians. So this is the one place to go if you are into foreigners. Unfortunately, the Caucasians that day didn't quite whet my appetite. 

After half an hour, I was ready to abort this place when suddenly my eyes caught a rather burly figure coming out of the toilet. Wow, I could definitely do this one, I thought to myself. The guy in question here had the typical image of a G-man, closed cropped crew cut, coupled with a heavyset bod. Instantly, he became the prime A-grade beef that everyone was eyeing.

Not Beefy G's real pic but a resemblance

Of course, this Slut is not gonna let such Choice Meat go without laying my hands on him. As he stepped into the shower, I followed suit & picked the shower head right next to him. I made sure he took notice of me. Luckily, I was quick to react because the shower room was pretty small & there were only 2 shower heads at the side that we both were on. The other guys that came in later had to take the shower heads on the other side. I could feel the intense jealous stare from them when they looked back at us. For me, I'm just glad I had a premium spot where I could ogle shamelessly at Beefy G's package. Beefy G had an average-sized cock, it looked half erected as he stood there lathering himself up & I guessed it would be around 5.5" when hard. The girth was however, like the bod of the owner, chunky & fat. It looked absolutely suckalicious.

When Beefy G was finally done showering, he made his way into the steam room that was adjacent to the shower room. Of course, the rest of the guys followed, me included. Once, we were inside the steam room, all hell broke loose. Everyone wanted a piece of G. So G just stood there, enjoying all the attention given to him. It was time to be aggressive, so I got on my knees & popped his hardening cock into my hungry mouth & slurped on. Immediately his shaft became rock hard & I was right that he's about 5.5" long. It was good enough for me as I eagerly sucked on & my hands meandered crazily all over his sturdy bod. There were 2 other Caucasian guys & 2 Asians in that small room. It became a mass orgy session between all of us. 

After awhile, one of the Caucasian guys began to pull Beefy G away from the group. They settled in a corner where the Caucasian was sitting down & G was sucking the White guy's hung 7.5 incher. I still wanted Beefy so I joined them & White guy grabbed my family jewels & gave me a warm welcome with his moustached mouth. Then G got up, turned around & impaled himself onto the White guy's meat sausage. Ooh, so Beefy is a size queen! While G was gleefully bouncing on the Caucasian's dick, his own cock was flopping in the air & it looks so cute that I just had to have it in my own hole. So I positioned myself in front of Beefy & opened up myself to him. G is now sandwiched between me & the White Guy & I can tell he was having a great time.

Meanwhile, the other group were also getting it on. There was an Asian bottom, who was at this moment being fucked doggie style by the other Caucasian. Asian bottom was pretty vocal about it, saying things like 'Mmm...yeah, fuck me hard. Shove your big cock into my wet ass. Ooh ooh yeah...' The other Asian was beating his own meat. Then the Asian bottom pulled the Asian top to him & cooed, 'Feed me that fucking hot cock!'. Asian top obliged & offered his joy stick to the bottom to which he rubbed lovingly against his lips. 'Oh yeah, tastes good!', purred the bottom. In response to this, the Caucasian slammed his own fuck tool harder into the bottom, making him moan louder in pleasure. 'Yeah! Fuck me Harder!'

Watching this whole hot scene was getting me close to the edge quickly. At the same time, Beefy's palm was wrapped around my own pulsating cock, jerking me off. I was also feeling G's pole, sliding in & out of my sweet hole. I knew there was no escaping the impending eruption.

Next, I saw the Asian top pull his stiff rod out of the bottom's mouth & using it to smack the bottom's face like a baton. The slutty bottom was simply loving it, sticking out his tongue as a welcome to the smacking intrusion. 'Urgh....urgh.... urgh....', he droned on as that was the only sound he could make with his tongue hanging out. Simultaneously, the Caucasian guy was banging real hard into the bottom's butt, making pop pop sounds. 

It was such a sensuous scene to take in. In addition, Beefy was giving me tons of pleasure down under. I felt a warmth radiating out from the nether regions & then I exploded. I saw my jizz flew across the room, making a nice arch before landing on the steam room's wet floor. I shuddered as I felt more squirts of hot semen coming out of my piss slit. 

After I was drained, I had to leave the steam room as the heat plus the intensity of the orgasm was getting to me. I don't think Beefy shot his load in there cos' I saw him flirting with another Caucasian just as I was about to leave the sauna.

Saturday, 5 April 2014


It was my 2nd day in HK & I was out having brunch. So I decided to turn on the gay app on my phone to check out the hotties around me & I came across this pic.

The bod is deliciously hunky & the legs are muscular & toned. This guy must be a gym fanatic. What stoked my curiosity was the bright pink tights which he had on cos not a lot of guys dare to wear this color. In this case, it's probably he's quite flamboyant or he's the alpha male type who's really confident of his masculinity. I'm hoping it would turn out to be the latter case. Besides, it looked like he had a nice bulge down there. I decided to send him a message.

I didn't have to wait too long. His reply came shortly. When he found out that I was a tourist & had a room to myself. He became interested. Plus he worked really close by. So we decided to trade more pics.

I became excited when I saw these pics. Looks-wise, he is definitely my type with rugged masculine features & wow, what nice buns he has! And so, it was decided that he'll pop over my hotel during his lunch break for a hot quickie session.

Lunchtime came & I picked him up from the street level of my hotel. He turned out to be a friendly guy despite his stern manly looks. Once we were in the room, there was no time to waste as we have only about an hour. I swiftly got him naked & immediately snapped him.

His cock was of average size, probably about 5.5" but it was all sturdy & hard. The cock head was bigger than the shaft & it was extremely straight. It was a beautiful cock in its own way. It remained in this state throughout the whole fuck, never once going limp. It also helped that he was quite vocal about what he liked & he made sure he informed me. He liked his nipples licked, so when I did that, it set him on heated mode & he began moaning loudly. Whenever my tongue swirled around his sensitive nipples, his fuck tool would spring up & down in response. He also told me that he liked his balls to be caressed. I returned the favor by gingerly running my fingers across his scrotum & I felt him shiver as the 
tickling sensations my fingers gave him coursed through his entire body. His fucker is now even harder; I felt he could use it to break glasses. It's also looking very suckable & irresistible. 

I went on a rampage, sucking his steel-like staff with ferocity. It helped that he wasn't too hung & so it was quite an easy task deep-throating him. I would go right down the entire length until my nose was knocking against his pubes & then I'd come up till I reach the tip & licked my tongue around his piss slit, tasting his slightly salty pre-cum & I would repeat the whole process again. He, on the other hand, was clearly enjoying the attention I was giving him, sometimes complimenting my skills, at times clueing me in on how good he felt or just simply moaning/hooting his pleasures vocally.

Next, I saw him reach out for the condom & I knew he was ready to fuck. I turned around & got on all fours, like an excited puppy waiting for his owner to give it a treat. I tore open the lubricant packet & slapped a liberal amount of it on my manhole & waited. He got on his knees, placed his rigid fucker on my opening, placed his hands on the sides of my hips & pushed forward. I was so ready to receive him that he popped right in without much effort. As he starts to rock me, I felt totally fulfilled. Yeah, this is what it all boils down to, being fucked by an Alpha male is the ultimate Slut's dream.

We made steamy love to each other that afternoon. We were kissing each other wildly, hugging one another tightly & he made me feel wanted & I responded in kind.  When he was eventually going to shoot off his fuck juice, he asked me where I would like him to offload it, I offered my body to him which he readily did so.

Mr Alpha still didn't lose his hard-on even after he came & I was quite amused by it.

As it was nearing an hour, we quickly jumped into the shower together. Mr Alpha's fuck stick was still solid as steel & I couldn't resist giving him another head job right there and then.

And he rewarded me with another wad of his creamy nectar. I have to say that I was really impressed cos' it was only a space of only about 10min when he last shot his load on my bod. He has really lived up to his name of an Alpha male!